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            end truss automatic lathe
            Technical reference technical parameter

            技術參數                     technical parameter 35型 45型 50型 55型 60型
            加工范圍 最大回轉直徑(mm) ¢350 ¢450 ¢450 ¢550 ¢580
            最大加工直徑(mm) ¢300 ¢300 ¢300 ¢380 ¢380
            最大加工長度(mm) 280 300 300 330 300
            單機自動車床 適用機型 適用 適用 適用 適用 適用
            適用材料 盤類、軸類、異性類
            組合尺寸(長*寬*高) 2760×2200×3350 3235×3000×3553 4450×3000×3670

            main features main features

            1. The truss manipulator and the bed are planned and designed as a whole to make the machine tool more compact, more beautiful and more stable to realize efficient automatic production.

             2. The interface of truss automation (column, protection, electrical appliance) shall be reserved for each standard machine Provide convenience for customers to install automation in the future. 

            3. The truss column is fixed on the lathe body to form a whole, which is stable and not displaced due to the change of foundation. 

            4. Integrated planning and design, low truss height, low center of gravity, stable operation.